Common Unity joined forces with Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust over the summer to support their community engagement events. The Pamper Zone was out and about in various locations offering a range of therapy treatments and haircuts to the local people of Birmingham.

These events were successful in highlighting the continuous work of the Trust and also raised awareness of the Time to Change de-stigmatising mental health campaigns. Beresford Dawkins, the Community Engagement Manager from the Trust did a brilliant job of bringing communities and partners together to promote and celebrate the mental health outreach work.

One thought on “PamperZone

  1. This is so beautiful to witness. Thank you. I am grateful for all the support I have had in my life, that allowed me to heal deeply in a field of love and respect. Now, I have discernment, and can enjoy healthy relationship with myself and others, and let go of those who need more time in their own garden, to sort out their own healing. I pamper myself knowing that every person is a precious beautiful being, and I do all I can to be of service to the greatest good unfolding, even now. Pampering myself includes listening, and accepting with kindness where I am actually at, and how I feel.

    I send you all MUCH LOVE,
    Aloha, Claire (My Asst. Dog and I are moving in May 2023 to UK, from Maui, Hawaii)

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